I know the challenges that come with having a disability…

because I’ve overcome many of them myself.


I was born with a spinal condition, and my parents were told I would never walk. With the help of countless doctors, physical therapists, and cheerleaders, I did walk. I have been on a mission to defy expectations ever since.

In addition to helping me with my physical challenges, the people close to me made me believe in myself and my own abilities. They weren’t just rehabilitators. They were abilitators. I never felt less than anyone else or like I couldn’t achieve every single one of my dreams. That included starting my own graphic design business.

As I started networking and meeting other local entrepreneurs, I noticed something: I was the only business owner with a disability in my whole town.

That’s when I realized my true mission: Just as my family and friends and mentors helped me accomplish my goals, I would help other people with disabilities start their own businesses.

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